About PROTECTiT 100

PROTECTiT 100 is an impregnation sealer that prevents ingress of water, oil and graffiti to porous wall, floor and roof building substrates allowing the surface to breathe.
It does not change the appearance of a treated surface.

PROTECTiT 100 provides long-term protection through the formation of an invisible layer that enhances durability, optimises maintenance and preserves aesthetic of all types of porous surfaces. PROTECTiT 100 is fully breathable impregnation sealer that maintains the porosity of the substrate.

Once applied, PROTECTiT 100 performs exellent upto 10 years on horizontal surfaces and 15 years on vertical surfaces.


Key features of PROTECTiT 100

  • Dry in less than 1 hour, shower proof after 4 hours
  • Does not change the appearance of a treated surface.
  • Easy to apply to all porous surfaces
  • Works even in case of micro-cracks.
  • Improves the thermal insulation value of a treated surface.
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces (interior and exterior).
  • 10 year performance on horizontal surfaces
  • 15 year performance on vertical surfaces
  • Non Flammable. Non toxic.
Water, oil, graffiti and UV resistance
Performance on horizontal & vertical surfaces
Environmentally Friendly

PROTECTiT 100 in action

PROTECTIT 100 – Case Studies

Motorway Bridges in Ireland

Client: National Roads Authority, Ireland
Over 500,000m2 of external concrete on motorway bridges were treated with PROTECTiT100.

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Store Street Plaza, Dublin

Client: Dublin City Council
After application Dublin City Council reported significant reduction in time and money spent for the maintenance regime.

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Grafton Street, Dublin

Client: Dublin City Council
The pedestrianised Grafton St area was cleaned and sealed. Treated surface became easy to clean and looks more attractive and prestigious all the time.

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Luas - Light Rail System, Dublin

Client: SISK Steconfer
PROTECTiT 100 reduces future ongoing maintenance time and costs up to 80%.

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