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Heavy Duty Cleaners & Sealers

Our wide range of high quality, powerful cleaners and impregnation sealers are designed to remove all organic contaminants, greasy stains, soiling, rust, graffiti and provide long-term protection for all types of porous surfaces.

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Domestic Cleaners & Sealers

Professional grade tile cleaners and sealers for internal and external use. Fast results, no water marks, no streaking. Perfect for all types of porcelain tiles, marble, granite, terracotta, laminate, stone, PVC and glass.

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Gum System

Safe, effective and user-friendly chewing gum removal system which transforms unsightly gum into a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging the underlying surface. Non-disruptive to the working environment.

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We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly media to ensure maximum operational efficiency



  • Extra Fine 200 Mesh
  • Fine 120 Mesh
  • Medium 80 Mesh
  • Speedblast 30/60 Mesh
  • Strong 20/40 Mesh

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