Grafton Street, Dublin

Grafton Street Dublin protected with PROTECTiT100 impregnation sealer

PROTECTiT SP was contacted by Seamus Duffy, Senior Executive Engineer (Dublin City Council) with a brief to suggest a surface treatment for the cleaning and sealing of the pedestrianised areas of Grafton Street in Dublin. As this was a total revamp of Dublin’s most prestigious shopping street , there were significant issues with food [chewing gum] and drink staining the surface which was problematic and very expensive to remove.

PROTECTiT SP suggested a cleaning product, Surface Reviver, as a solution for cleaning
and restoring the original appearance of the area. The surface was then sealed with our CE Marked & BBA Approved Impregnation Sealer, PROTECTiT 100.

Work was carried out between 1:00am – 6:00am every night for 2 weeks. The area was cleaned with Surface Reviver, washed and sealed. One of the key advantage of the PROTECTiT 100 is its ease of application and drying time (less than 1 hour). Treated area looks more attractive and prestigious all the time.

After application Dublin City Council reported significant reduction in time spent for the maintenance regime in these areas. Treated area became appreciably easier to clean with stains, chewing gum and other contaminants lying on and above the protective impregnating sealer rather than imbedded deep into the substrate. Regular Power-washing has no effect on the long term performance of PROTECTiT 100
and Seamus has commented that during the winter the area is almost self-cleaning with rain. This has an added benefit of preserving the life-cycle of the surface constitution as it is not experiencing intense power washing.

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