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About Mobile Lab

It is a comprehensive & versatile portable laboratory to analyse and diagnose historic building materials in an easy and clear manner. By using this equipment the basic techniques to categorise natural and artificial stones as well as degradation phenomena are made available to all those working in cultural heritage preservation.

It is a must to efficiently manage cultural heritage throughout the entire conservation process, from the fact-finding project to the conservation itself, paying special attention to programmed maintenance.

The diagnosis process starts with a thorough and accurate report that covers all the necessary aspects of the structure conditions before operations, such as:

  • State of building exterior and interior
  • Type and dating
  • Morphology ground
  • Territorial location
  • Distance from the sea
  • Exhaustive photographic documentation

Mobile Lab in action

Case Studies

Glasnevin Chapel, Dublin

Client: Glasnevin Trust
We were challenged to assess the Mortuary Church on the Grounds of Glasnevin Cemetery and to provide a solution for the chronic rising damp problem.

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Cremona Cathedral

Dampness detection campaign was conducted at the Cathedral of Cremona. Accuracy of the diagnostics and effectiveness of the PROTECTiT SRD reduced moisture in the walls of over 70%.

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Mobile Lab Features


PROTECTiT SP uses the most advanced non-destructive or micro-invasive analytical techniques for the characterization of materials and the evaluation of related degradation phenomena
The methods of analysis used comply with European regulations by UNI-Beni Culturali (Cultural Heritage) and EN-Conservation of Cultural Property.


We provide consultancy and diagnostic services in the field of cultural heritage to companies and professionals operating in the field of conservation.

Particular attention is dedicated to the execution of tests provided for in current European legislation, UNI-Cultural Heritage, of CEN-TC 346 and those on stone materials defined by the NORMAL recommendations.


We cooperate with specialised centres for laboratory analysis on Cultural Heritage to guarantee the best interpretation of data.

We are also partnering in a multidisciplinary way with professional figures involved, such as designers, works managers, companies, renovators, as well as art historians and museum collectors or curators.


The goal of PROTECiT SP is to provide a detailed technical evaluation report using specialist equipment to assist  restorers, designers and administrators of cultural heritage to devise a modern approach to conservation.

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