About SEAL-iT

SEAL-IT is a new generation water-based fluoropolymer impregnation sealer designed to give up to 3 years oil and water repellency to porous wall & ground surfaces.
Can be used on: paving, patios, driveways, porous walls, plinths, concrete, roofs, brick.


Technical Data

    • Chemical Composition: Aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion.
    • Density: 1.0kg/lt @ 25ºC
    • Flashpoint: > 55ºC
    • Chemical Resistance: mild acids and alkalis, water and de-icing salts.
    • Coverage: Dependant on porosity
    • VOC Content: 0.0g/litre
    • Packaging: 1, 5, 25 and 1000 ltr Units

Key features of  SEAL-iT

  • Prevents ingress of most types of surface contamination, including water and oil.
  • Suitable for ground surfaces with foot traffic.
  • Up to 3 year protection.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
  • Helps prevent surfaces from deteriorating through repeated “Freeze/Thaw” cycles.
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