Storm Defence

About Storm Defence

Storm Defence is a powerful water, dirt, grime, efflorescence and stains repellent masonry cream.  It gives long-lasting and reliable water repellence to mineral substances such as brickwork and facades combined with a strong beading effect.  The physical properties of the construction material, especially its water vapour permeability (sd-value) are unaffected by the product.
Storm Defence is suited to be applied on any kind of mineral substances as for example: mortars, plaster, concrete, limestone, natural stone, industrial made bricks and clinker.
Particularly, Storm Defence is perfectly suited to be used for concrete repair.


Technical Data

    • Chemical Composition: viscous cream based on silanes and siloxanes.
    • Appearance: white, paste
    • Density: approx. 0,85 g/ccm
    • Flashpoint: > n.a. VOC = 0.0 g/ltr
    • Chemical Resistance: mild acids and alkalis, water and de-icing salts.
    • Concentration : approx. 20 %
    • VOC Content: 0.0g/litre
    • Packaging: 1, 5, 25 and 1000 ltr Units

Key features of Storm Defence

  • Storm Defence gives long-lasting and reliable repellence to mineral substances such as brickwork and facades combined with a strong breading effect.
  • Simple, drip-free application with unproblematic overhead workability.
  • Protects against wind or storm driven rain (hydrostatic pressure).
  • Water and solvent-free, alkaline stable, does not build up a film.
  • Protects against wind or storm driven rain (hydrostatic pressure).
  • Extraordinary penetration depth, due to the long contact time with the material surface.
  • Can be applied without any loss, in one single step and without material running.
For more information on this product download technical data sheet below

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