Paint & Varnish Stripper

Paint & Varnish Stripper

Suitable for easy removal of paint or varnish on many surfaces from wood, concrete, wall, metal, tiles and more. Works by breaking down the chemical bonds of the coating or by penetrating the layers and separating the coating from the base object. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

How To Use

  1. Read separate MSDS before use.
  2. Shake container well to ensure uniform consistency. Cover the top of the container with a cloth during opening to avoid splashes.
  3. Apply a thick even coat by brush – DO NOT BRUSH OUT. The thicker/more layers of paint, the more product you will require and the longer you will need to leave the product to work.
  4. Leave for approx. 60 minutes until the paint or varnish reacts (for some coatings begins to blister). For multi layered surfaces (5 or more), apply a second generous coat.
  5. After the product has penetrated into the substrate, remove softened coating/paint with a scraper.
  6. For a professional finish rub down with stainless steel scourer, never use steel wool. On wood, follow the grain. Rinse with clean cold water and allow to dry.

Key features of Paint & Varnish Stripper

  • Powerful paint and varnish stripper.
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces – walls, wood, concrete, vehicles.
  • Lower evaporation, fewer fumes.
  • Easy & safe to use.
  • Fast blistering & results.
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