ProtectiT Oil Off (500ml)

About ProtectiT Oil Off

Super concentrated formula that removes oil from most porous substrates with no residue or contamination left behind.
ProtectiT Oil Off penetrates deep into the pores of the surface, lifting the oil away on a microscopic level.

How to use

Always test a small area before proceeding to ensure finished result is acceptable. Shake the container well before use.

  1. Apply a saturated coat to the affected area.
  2. Allow to work for up to 1 hour depending on the level of staining.
  3. Remove from the surface using hot water or a jet wash.

Do not apply during rain, frost or very hot weather. Clean all tools and equipment with soapy water after use.

Key features of ProtectiT Oil Off

  • Super concentrated formula.
  • No residue or contamination eft behind.
  • Professional grade oil & grease remover>.
  • Interior and exterior use.
  • Low odour
  • Suitable for Driveways, Patios, Wood, Decking, Warehouse, Garage & Industrial use.
  • Quick & easy to use.
For more information on this product download technical data sheet below

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