Anti-Graffiti Coating

About Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti-Graffiti Coating can be easily & simply applied to concrete, brick, stone, render, wood & most metals to give maximum, long lasting protection. Anti-Graffiti Coating will protect against spray paint, fly poster, contamination and weathering with ease, (no harsh chemicals or removers needed), contaminants can simply be wiped-away with water.

How To Use

Do not apply during rain, frost or in direct sun, apply only when temperature between 5°- 25 °C. Ensure surface is clean, dry and dust free. Remove any stains or efflorescence. Any previous coatings must be fully cured before application.

  1. Apply using a brush or short pile/gloss roller or airless sprayer ensur-ing an even coat.
  2. Avoid runs, drips and foaming – do not use a foam roller.
    For more porous surfaces, apply a second coat immediately (maximum 30 minuets, once the first coat is dry).
  3. Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with white spirit.

COVERAGE: 1 Litre will cover 5 – 10m²
(depending on porosity and texture of the surface).

Key features of Anti-Graffiti Coating

  • Up to 30 cleaning cycles protection.
  • Dry in 30 minutes.
  • New ground breaking technology enables extremely low dirt pickup on treated surfaces.
  • Makes treated surface easier to clean with water.
  • Ideal for concrete, metal, render, painted surfaces, brick, stone, interior & exterior marble & granite.
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